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Carlos Mendia

Carlos and Irma

CARLOS FERNANDEZ de MENDIA: Havana, Cuba. Co. C. 4 yrs. service. Var. Ath.: Swimming (IV, III, II, I); Crew (IV, Res. Ltr. III, Ltr. II, I). Co. Ath.: Crew (Capt. IV, III); Soccer (IV, III, Regt. Ch. II, I); Swimming (IV, Regt. Ch. III, II, I); Volleyball (IV, III, II, I); Misc.: Cordon (IV, III, II, I); Varsity Club (II, I); Honor Guard (II, I); History Club (IV, III, II, I); Mil.: Pvt. (IV); Pfc. (III); L. Cpl. (II); Cpl. (I).

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