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Welcome to the website for the
Culver Alumni Class of 1957


Only about 117 days until our 65th Reunion May 20-22nd, 2022.

55th Reunion, May 2012
The Class of 1957 Website has now joined the family of Class Websites at CulverGrads.com. Now you will be able to browse through the profiles of the other class members for the classes that are hosted on CulverGrads.com. You will be able to search for graduates by name and other keywords. All of this is available with the single login access code that you have for your class of '57.
Our 50th Reunion
It has now been 5362 days since our 50th Reunion.
Continue the Updates
Updating the website and our class database does not stop with the printing of the Golden Roll Call. We plan to continue the website for years to come. We wish to maintain communication with our classmates. Perhaps even a periodic Class Newsletter.

In order to do this, we need your help. Please send us updates to your profile page, your mailing address, phone number and email address. If you have news of classmates, please send us what you have heard.

That was then...
The '50s were a special time in history. Gasoline was 18 cents a gallon. Television was just getting started, along with central air conditioning and a few other conveniences that we take for granted now. A family of Culver cadets consisting of the Class of '57 was growing up together. Read more about Then-and-Now.

The purpose of this site is to kindle those memories of our time together, provide internet web communication for the Class of 1957, provide an electronic archive (a memorial, if you will) for the lives of this special class of 1957 and pay tribute to those who have passed on.

Bill Mueller Jim Deford Dave Charleton Ted Moreland Jim Baum Fred Wallace Phil Klein Larry Strait Jon Bird Ted Florence Frank Young Dick Strean Peter Fasseas Jim McConnell John Klump Rosce 'Sonny' Sitton Graham 'Spike' Werner Earl Fairbanks Bill Shaw Pat O'Malley Bob May Mark Lamey Fritz Keeler Bill Folckemer Judie Carroll (Bumpy) Loud Roy Kumnick Fred Wilkie Tom Glover Dick Walsh Weber deVore Marino Oronoz Jim Robinson Bob Clements Alvin Neal Paul Fouts Ricardo Sarabasa Bob Schwin Denis Drysdale PeterMcNaughton Rob Stanberry Carl Horneman Marcos Maldonado Rich Weyand John Murray Bob Moore George Tully Gus Callender Wallace Tallant Dave Prewitt Ken Csernai Tom Cozzoli Lee Goulet Howard Waugh Paul Steinle Jerry Ney

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