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Table of Contents for the Great Class of '58 Scrapbook

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Vedette Sep 27, 1957 Enrollment, Class officers, Books
Vedette Sep 27, 1957 Vedette masthead
Vedette Sep 27, 1957 Headlines, Quill, Football, Black Horse Troop
Vedette Sep 27, 1957 Snider column
Vedette Oct 11, 1957 First Class freedoms, Assemblies, DeYoung profile
Vedette Oct 18, 1957 Flu, Challenges, Hodgkin profile
Vedette Nov 1, 1957 Football, Flu, Cruger profile
Vedette Nov 15, 1957 Academic rankings, Snider column, Stifel profile
Vedette Dec 13, 1957 Honor Council, Merit scholarships, Snider column, Strohbehn profile
Vedette Christmas, 1957 Basketball, Academic rankings, Knowlton profile
Vedette Jan 17, 1958 Eppley chairs, Debate club, Movies, Archer profile
Vedette Jan 31, 1958 Dance, Basketball, Pavlis profile
Vedette Feb 14, 1958 Gregory painting, Remodels, Edmunds column, Tanner profile
Vedette Feb 28, 1958 Dance, Track, Cum Laude, Reitz column
Vedette Mar 14, 1958 Boat shop, Golf, Snider column
Vedette Apr 1, 1958 Submarine, Railroaders, News policy
Vedette Apr 18, 1958 Merit scholars, Battery C, Kriner profile
Vedette May 16, 1958 Culver Board, Exercise, Edmunds column, Silva & Adams profile
Vedette Jun 6, 1958 Commencement message, Tennis undefeated
Current Classmate photos Current photos submitted by Classmates
Relaxing Relaxing at Beason, around the campus and at the Shack
Team Pictures Football, Basketball & Cheer Leaders
Barracks Barracks informal scenes and waiters Fall In
Library Scenes from the Library and Dean's Office
Jumping & 1st Class Ring Peralta jumping & the First Class Ring
Places and People Beason, Mess H., Bat B leaders, Pershing Walk, Infirmary, Gold A's, classes, & JV BB
Pub Staffs & George writes again Publication staffs, George writes for the 50th & the Quill
Main Barracks Drawings of Main Barracks & snowy buildings
New buildings Eppley Auditorium and Gignillat Quadrangle
Commencement Program
Col Gregory & Gen Spivey Col Gregory's passing and Gen Spivey's resume
Reunion Photos 25th, 35th and 40th
Classmate contributions By: CC Adams, Jack Howison, Ken Smith and Chuck Fleck
First Class Poll Voted "Best of" or "Worst of" by your classmates in June '58
Class Statistics Statistics about the Questionnaire Numeric Questions and Class Military Service
Thank you's Reunion organization and Golden Roll Call

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