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Welcome to the Culver Alumni Class of 1960

That was then: 1960
This is now!

Our 50th Reunion

Our 55th Reunion

We have created this website page in response to the many requests asking for current updates on our 50th reunion celebration, as well as news of our classmates. Since the completion of the reunion, we will now update this page every ten days to two weeks with additional information.

100 years ago-Logansport

As we go about our business today, it would be well that we take a moment to reflect on the truly heroic actions of Culver students and members of the staff that occurred in Logansport 100 years ago. The midnight wake-up, the moving of the 2,000 lb. cutters from the boat house to the railroad spur behind the current Facilities building, the perilous train ride down to Logansport over untested bridges, the youthful desire of Elliot White Springs to stow away so he could be part of the action, the general confusion in Logansport upon arrival, the eerie calm and darkeness of a city in peril and without lights or power, the resolute determination of the cutter crews to go about the business of saving approximately 800 people on this day, the tenderness of the boys, the sacrifices they made to go out for "one more try," and the satisfied weariness after a long day of good and taxing exertion. All of this speaks to the special nature of Culver students, adults, and to the school as a whole.

Class 1960 Scholarship Recipients

Click Here For Letters from Recipients

2023 Faith Gorton

2021 Cole Evans

2020 Abby Fennell

2017 Jakob Young

2012 Daniel Woolfenden

2011 Timothy Thompson

2009 Shelby Saponari

The Vedette

Want to know what today's students are doing? Click on the links page up top and chose The Vedette and you will be linked to the current offering by today's editors.

Celebrating the Success of the By Example Campaign

Bob Benson and Jim Buresh attended a reception and dinner celebrating the success of the "By Example Campaign for Culver" as well as recognizing the lifetime service of retiring Board of Trustees Chairman, Jim Henderson . The event was held in Chicago on February 4, 2011. Bob joined Head of Schools, John Buxton and Trustee, B.B. Culver in saluting Jim as he handed over the reigns of the Chairmanship to Miles White. A special slide show was shown and it included a slide of our four class coeds, Gerry Gram, Kay Covington Kolito, Judy Gollnick Council and Posie (Mary Curry) Neidigh in front of the Iron Gate last May.
On Saturday a special session of the Board of Trustees was held for those alums and parents in attendance on Friday night . John Buxton gave a state of the Academy update and his lead slide was our class of 1960 passing in review at the Garrison Parade last May. A series of presentations were made by the Commandant, the Deans and the leader of the Girls Academy. It was quite an impressive message.

Class of 1960 Statistics Then and Now

Here is a link to some interesting statistics comparing Culver in 1960 to Culver in 2010.

Class of 1960 Statistics

Batten Results Official Announcement

Culver Academies earned the entire $50 million in Batten matching funds

We are pleased to announce that Culver earned the entire $50 million in matching funds for the Culver endowment! This would have been a remarkable accomplishment during a strong financial climate. The fact that you responded to this challenge during a major economic downturn is a testament to your generosity and passion and the commitment of the entire Culver "family" to these Academies. We thank you and salute you!
The momentum created by the Batten Leadership Challenge will greatly help Culver during the remaining months of the By Example Campaign, which will conclude on June 30, 2010 (the end of the school's 2009-2010 fiscal year). With the infusion of endowment funds generated by this 14-month-long "campaign within a campaign," Culver is finally in a position to afford its existing programs without drawing too heavily from the school's endowment. It is reassuring to have Culver in a solid financial position, finally.
We hope to carry this momentum forward through the remaining five months in the By Example Campaign. It is important that we end the campaign on a strong note, so if you have not done so, we hope you will consider making a gift to the 2009-2010 Annual Fund. We will continue to accept gifts to the By Example Campaign through June 30, 2010, including pledges and bequest intentions that would not have qualified for the Batten Leadership Challenge. In five months we want to be able to say that because of your efforts, Culver has met all of the objectives of the By Example Campaign

Class of 1960 Plays Important Role in Batten Matching

Henry Weaks announced to members of the steering committee and unit Whip's on our monthly conference call that the class of 1960 has met two of its three goals for class giving. Our overall giving goal since our last reunion for both the annual fund and the capital campaign was slightly above $1.7 million. We have actually reached a little over $2 million. We had anticipated receiving about $900,000 in capital gifts but instead have actually received $1.2 million from our classmates. Our annual fund goal for the current fiscal year is $500,000 and we are currently at $209,000. As you can see many of you directed your funds to the capital campaign and that is great. If you haven't donated to date or wish to make an additonal donation please consider a gift to the annual fund. Currently we have a little over 50% of our classmates making donations and we hope to acheive 60%.

New Web Page

Jim Godshall has created a new web page of personal pictures that classmates have submitted. The most recent pages are from Bill Woodward, Bill Walaitis, Posie Neidigh(aka Mary Curry) and Tom Sullivan To see the page click on the link "Scrapbook" at the top of the page and then click on "Class Personal Photos"at the bottom of the ensuing page. Then click on the classmates name and you have arrived. If you would like to participate contact Jim Godshall at godshallj1@verizon.net.

Picture from the Past

Culver Rifles Honor Guard 1960

Jim Buresh-Tom Mortell-Steve Clark-Don Kohla-Pat McMahon-Jim Harding-Tom Jackson-John Russell-Colonel Kemp Moore

Pictures from the Riding Hall Dedication

Click Here For Riding Hall Dedication Photos

Class of 1959 50th Reunion

Following is a picture of Greta Hughes becoming the first woman ever to go through the Iron Gate:

The ceremony was attended not only by the 50th reunion class, their spouses and guests, but also by the entire Cadet Corps and the Girl's Academy. When the announcement was made for Greta to receive her certificate and go through the Gate, the entire Girl's Academy rose and wildly cheered for quite some time. A similar eruption occurred when Jean Curry's name was announced and passed through the Gate. It was quite an emotional experience for all.

This Class Website
The purpose of this website is to step back in time to those days when we were all together at Culver.

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