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Welcome to the Culver Class of 1962 Website

Next Mini Reunion

Although the future is certainly uncertain, we are making plans for our next Mini Reunion.

Click on the image for the evolving plans.

Historic Savannah, Georgia
March 21 - 24 (or 25), 2021

The web page for our Mini Reunion in Colonial Williamsburg hosted by Phil & Carol Wright and John & Betsy Davis on October 22-25, 2019 is online.
Click on the image to go there.

Read the September 2019 update on our legacy:
The Class of '62 Student Enrichment Fund

with its newly added description of Dewitt Jones' visit to campus.

Also, check out the chronicle of our "Unplanned Mini-Mini Reunion" that happened in conjunction with Dewitt's visit.

The webpage for our record-breaking Mini held in Traverse City, MI on May 3-6, 2018 is online on this page. If you have not done so already, check it out.

Our Spectacular Sedona Mini Reunion is another delightful memory.
Use this link to see the images and read the words that capture the highlights of our adventures.

And if you have not yet checked out the highlights of our record-breaking, fantastic 55th Reunion (46 classmates plus 31 significant others), here is the link to that web page

Only about 117 days until our 60th Reunion in May 2022.

Our record breaking 50th Reunion is now well behind us, but the "golden" memories live on. To help you re-live some of those memories, take a look at
our 50th Reunion web page.

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click here to check out our past Reunions plus the Mini-Reunions we have had since our 45th.

Sallyport -- Circa 1958 Sallyport -- Now Logansport Gate Chateau Thierry Barracks Main Barracks Roberts Hall of Science (dedicated 2002) Chapel Legion Memorial (former Library) Huffington Library (dedicated 1993) Eppley Auditorium (dedicated 1959) Commencement (1962???) For some videos of the campus, check out this link.

Our Class Website
From the pictures above, you can see that the campus has aged probably better than most of us. If you have not done so yet, please update your online "Roll Call Profile" whenever you have information to add or change.

Introduction to Our Web Site

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