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Class of 1959 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
Donald Alch Company A
David Alexander Company C
Jim Alleman Band
Mac Alsop Troop B Taps
Fred Anderson Troop A Taps

Barry Bauman Company A
Dean E. Becker, Jr. Troop A    
John Becker Troop B
Bob Berner Battery B
Henry Bernstein Company C    
Jim Berry Company C    
Richard Blacklidge
Samuel Bloch Company A 5th Taps
Philip Bobo Company C    
Robert T. "Bob" Boling Battery C Taps    
William Bollinger Company B    
George Bolton Company A
Jay F. Bonds Battery C
Robin Boone Troop B    
Everette Breaux Company A Missing
Austin Brightman Company A
Bill Burgess Company C Taps

Sam Cantey Battery C    
Jimmy Carr Company A
Emilio Castillo Battery A Missing
James Clark Company A
Thomas Clark Band    
Walt Clarke Battery C
Tony Conklin Troop A
Bill Corben Troop B
Steven Cornwell Company D
Jack Croll Company B Taps
Stewart Crossland Band Taps
Holcombe Crosswell Battery A    
Timothy Crowe Troop B 5th Missing
Dave Culver Battery B    
Will Cunningham Company A    
Frederick S. Cuthbert II "Fred" Troop A    

Walter Dabbelt Troop A    
John DePrez Battery C 5th    
Mimi Dimeling Company A
Bill Dimeling Company A Taps

Peter Elias Battery C 5th
Mel Estey Battery B    

David Falk Company A Missing
Thomas Faulkner Band
Aristides Fernandez Company A
Juan-Manuel Fernandez Company B    
Justo Fernandez Troop A    
Tomas Fernandez Company D    
John Findling Band    
Oscar Flores Troop A Taps
Chuck Fox Troop A
Warren Friedman Band Taps
Art Fulmer Band

Wayne Gilbert Company B    
Sam Gilpin Company B
Bob Goldenberg Troop B    
Jose Gonzalez Company B
John Greene Company A Taps
José A. Gross (Pepe) Troop A    

Morton Hansen Company C    
Mike Hawkins Troop B 5th    
Charlie Hedges Company D    
James Heiberger Troop A
Fritz Heinemann Battery B
George Hillman Band    
Gordon Holmes Company A Missing
Fred Hopper Battery C Taps
Donald Houder Company D
Greta Hughes (Hughes) Coed    
Joe Hutchison Troop B    

Hugh Jackson Troop A    
Harold Johnson Troop A
Jim Judy Troop A    

Richard Kelly Troop B Missing
Walter Kelly Company B
Steve Kinney Troop B
Paul Kotter Band
Tom Kyger Battery B    

Joe Lange Battery A    
Victor A. Laruccia Company A
Albert Leader "Gus" Troop A    
Toby Lee Troop A
Bob Lee Company B
Ted Legge Battery A
Clay Lewis Troop B    
Mike Loomis Battery A
Tom Loupee Company C    

James Mack Troop B
Jim Manuel Company A Missing
Robert Martin Company C
Ignacio Martinez Company C 5th Missing
Alan Marty Battery B
Fred Mauck Battery C
George McClintock Company C Taps
Clark McKeown Troop B    
Jim McKibben Band    
Bill McKinney Company D    
Jim Metcalfe Company B    
Kern Metz Troop A Taps
John Middendorf Company B
George Miller Troop A
Winston Morris Troop B
Robert Morrison Company C

Manuel Navarro Battery B
William Nock Battery A    
Michael Norton Band    

Tom Old Battery A Taps
Jim Oliver Company C
Russ (Rusty) Oliver Battery B    

Lou Parratt Troop A    
Robert Pate Band Taps
Jose Perez Troop A    
Chuck Pfeifer Company A    
Heber Pierce Battery B
Roger Pippenger Company B    
John F. Platt Battery A    
John Pope Company A    
Dan Pugh Company B
Roberto Puyana Troop A

Bernardo Quintana Company D    

Gary Randall Company B
Carlos Eduardo Recinos Company C
Tom Reemelin Company D    
David Reese Company D Taps
Thomas Richardson Troop A Taps
Bill Riley Battery C
Bill Robertson Troop B    
Jacques A. Rossetti Battery C 5th

Stephen Sallan Troop A    
Alberto Santos De Hoyos Troop B
Jeffrey Schuler Battery C
Robert Schwenk Troop B
Jorge A. Silva Troop A Taps
Jim Skelton Battery A    
Chuck Skinner Company D    
Philip Slayton Troop B 5th    
Coke Smith Band    
Okla Bennett Smith - Okla Ben - "OB" Company C    
Leon Smitherman Troop B Missing
Pete Snyder Company D
Glen Spieth Troop A
Bill Stacy Battery A Taps
David Starr Band
Jean Stephenson (Curry) "Jean" Coed    
Bill Stine Band    
Jan Strauch Battery B    

Jack Tierney Troop B    
Francisco Tovar Troop A
Karl Traul Battery A
Richard Twells Company A    

Roger Vass Company A
Jerry Vereen Company B    

Lew Waite Battery A
Winnie Pooh Bear Wenneker Battery C Taps    
James "Jim" Wetmur Band    
Frederick Wielandt Band
John Windecker Troop B Missing
Andrew Wojnarowsky Company A
Kenneth Wood Company B    
Roy Wood Company B
Jack Woodford Battery C
Chuck Wright Company C    

Class '59 Stats 
Graduated 158 100%
Deceased 21 13.3%
AWOL (Missing Address) 9 5.7%
Net Active Alumni 133 84.2%
Will Attend Reunion 66 51.1%
Began in 5th Class 8 5.1%
Coeds 2 1.3%
Email Addresses 129 97.0%
Updated Profiles 117 74.1%
Updated Photo 93 69.9%
Alumni Logins 101 75.9%

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