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Class of 1961 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
Fred Abbott Battery A
John Acheson Troop A    
Chris Andreae Troop A
Frank Andreae Battery C
Steve Arbuckle Company A
Steve Ardussi Troop B    
John Atchison Company B
Leland Austin Battery A    

Mickey Baer Band    
Chuck Baker Company A    
Harland Bartholomew Company D
Roger Basham Company C Missing
Thomas Beamer Company A Taps
Dee Bendixen Troop B
Thomas Berner Battery B
Lou Bernstein Company B    
James Bickers Battery B Missing
Al Bickford Battery A
Tom Bishop Company B
Chuck Bosco Troop A Taps
(Earl) James Breech Company C 5th    
John Bryant Battery B 5th Taps
Bill Busse Band
Bill Butcher Battery A

Tris Castle Troop B 5th    
Jim Catalano Battery A
Richard Chase Company A Missing
Chris Colby Troop A 5th
Tom Corkill Troop A    
Roland Corning Company D

Douglas Daniel Company D
Larry Dawson Company A
Ward B. DeKlyn Jr. Company C 5th
Gregory DeLong
George Dimeling Company B    
Morry Dovey Battery B
Sam Dunlap Troop B    

Dick Eagle Battery B
Tony Eastmond Battery A
Jack English Battery B
Luis Raul Esteves III Battery B    

Jeffrey Farkas Company B
Lou Fazen Band
William Finn Troop A
Dick Foster Battery C    
Phil Frickert Battery A Taps
Enos Fry Battery C    

Lamar Gable Battery C 5th    
Bill Gainer Company D
Tuck Galbraith Battery C
Mike Gales Company A    
George Galsterer Band    
John Gardiner Battery B
Dave Garrison Company B
Richard Gauger Company C Taps
Richard Genet Battery C 5th
Jay Gillespie Battery B
Bill Goin Battery C 5th
Jack Goldsmith Troop A
Laur Gonia Battery B
Michael Grady Troop B 5th Taps
Bob Graves Battery C    
Steve Greene Company A Missing
Gary Gregory Troop B
Byrd Gwinn Company A    

Rich Handren Company D
John Harrison Company A Missing
Phil Harrison Battery B Taps    
Jack Hart Battery B
Ed Hayward Band    
Robert Heilman Battery B
Bob Henderson Company C Taps
Russ Heritier Band
Hilton Hightower Company A Missing
Chuck Hill Company D
Jim Hoffman Company B 5th
Philip Holmer Company D
John Horton Company D
Robert Horton Company B
Jules Houghtaling Troop B Taps
Ron Hurst Troop A
Michael Hurwitz Company D
Richard Hutson Company B Taps

George Iler Battery A
Doug Isaly Band

Jan Jansen Troop A    
Peter Joers Company D 5th
Joseph Justice Company C

Bill Kauble Company D Missing
Pete Kennedy Battery C
Douglas Kilgore Company C
Cliff Kleymeyer Troop B    
Albert Knowles Troop B Taps
Chris Knowles Band
Jeff Kohlhagen Company A
Bill Kreda Band
Dave Kuthe Company A

Steve Lathrop Battery B    
William Leavenworth Troop B
Bob Leich Troop A    
John Leonard Troop B
Robert Levy Battery A
John Liggett Company A
Larry Lightner Company D 5th
Ralph Lindgren Troop B    

Bart Macomber Battery B Taps
Kingsley Macomber Company B
Steele Magill Company A
Bob Marvin Troop A    
Butch Massa Company C    
Don McChesney Company A 5th    
Bill McCombs Troop A
James McIntyre Battery A
Randy McKee {Prajapati } Company D
William McKeown Battery B Taps
Wayne McKnight Battery B Taps
Reagan McLemore Troop B    
Terry McMillen Troop B
Brent Measley Company C
Bob Meek Company D    
Doug Merrill Company C    
Bob Miller Troop B 5th    
Warren Miller Company B
Thomas Monaghan Company A Taps
Bill Morse Battery C
Buzz Muse Troop B    

John Navas Company B Missing
David Neighbor Company B
Charles Newman Band

Tim O'Neill Company D
Bill Oberlin Company A
James Oppenheimer Troop B    
Fred Ossanna Troop A Missing

Al Parker Battery A
Frank Parker Company D
George Parthemos Troop A    
David Pauker Company C Missing
DeWitt Payne Company C
Dudley Pearson Company B    
Gary Praeg Battery A 5th
Victor Preslan Band

John Rademacher Company C    
Pete Ramaley Company D
Rick Rapport Company D
Rick Rayle Company B    
Sam Reese Company C
Dick Robbins Troop B 5th    
Alex Roberts Battery A    
Dave Robinson Band 5th    
Glenn Rogers Troop B
David Roosevelt Battery C
Rex Ross Troop A Missing
Dick Rossmiller Company A 5th    
Joel Roush Troop A
Jon Rowley Company B    
John Ruan Troop B    
Lucien Ruby Troop B    
Fred Rueger Band

Norman Schuett Company A Missing
PW Schuldt Battery C
Todd Seel Company D
Paul Setzler Company D 5th Missing
Steve Sidles Company A 5th    
Scott Singleton Company C
Charles Skinner Company D Taps
Jon Skow Troop A Taps
Ehrlich Smith Company B 5th    
Richard Smith Battery B
Charles Smithgall Battery A    
Craig Smyth Battery C Taps
Stephen Snyder Company C Missing
Jerrold Soest Troop A Taps
Harrison Spicer Battery B Taps
John Spindler Troop B    
Chip Sproul Company C 5th    
Lawrence Stein Troop A Taps
Jeffrey Steinberg Company B Missing
Ed Stephenson Company A 5th    
Jim Stewart Battery A Taps
Marty Strand Troop A 5th    
Jerry Sutton Company B
Robert Swanson Battery C Missing
John Sweeney Company D    
Lee Sweet Battery A

Robert Tanner Battery A
Peter Thiem Company A Taps
Hal Thornburg Company D
Jonathan Thorne Battery C
Richard Tucker Company A

Henry Walker Troop A    
William Walker Battery C Missing
Donald Walter Battery B Missing
John Walters Company B Taps
Frank Watkins Company B Missing
Rush Wells Company C
William Wells Battery C Missing
John Wheat Band
Norm Wherrett Battery A
Mac Whiteford Company D 5th    
William Woodley Company A
Frank Woodward Battery C 5th Missing
Bob Wunker Company D

Michael Yaggy Troop A 5th    
Sheila Yale (Strow)
Garr Youngren Battery A

Mike Zerafa Battery B    
Paul Zwerner Company A
Robert Zwerner Company B Taps

Class '61 Stats 
Graduated 206 100%
Deceased 25 12.1%
AWOL (Missing Address) 21 10.2%
Net Active Alumni 162 78.6%
Will Attend Reunion 57 35.8%
Began in 5th Class 27 13.1%
Coeds 1 0.5%
Email Addresses 129 79.6%
Updated Profiles 74 35.9%
Updated Photo 21 13.0%
Alumni Logins 88 54.3%

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