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Class of 1962 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion60th Reunion Attendence
Fred Amis Battery B
Bernie Armbruster Battery C

Dan Baker Battery B 5th
John Bell Company C Taps
Robert Bell Battery B
Chuck Bennington Battery C
Jane Benson Taps
Gil Bickel Company D
Dexter Blome Company C 5th
Bill Boies Company A
Bill Borkenstein Battery A
Jerry Brewer Band Taps
Howard Bridges Troop A
Allan Brightman Company A Taps
Robert Brown Battery B Taps
James Bryant Company D
Ron Bunner Battery A Taps

David Cain Battery A Taps
Ken Calhoun Company C Taps
Tony Canlis Troop A Missing
Rick Carpenter Battery B
Douglas Carson Battery B Taps
Jeff Christie Troop A
Bill Cleavenger Company B
Bob Clendenin Battery A
David Cobin Company A Taps
Robert Coffey Troop B Taps
Elston Colvert Band
Stephen Combs Company D
Tom Cooney Battery B
Frank Corum Troop B
Neil Crist Troop A
Skip Culver Battery B
Steve Cuthbert Troop B

Richard Davies Company A
John Davis Battery C
David Dawdy Company D
Alex De La Garza Battery B
Lou Desenberg Battery A
Raymond Dewey Battery A
James Dodds Company C Missing
Larry Dolin Company B 5th Taps
Paul Dolza Troop A
Chuck Dreyfuss Band
Craig J. Duchossois Troop A

John A. Edwards Company D 5th
Buzz Eisenberg Troop A
Nick Estes Battery A
Ed Evans Band Taps
Dep Ewing Company A

Charles Fisher Band Taps
Guy Fisher Company A
John Fletcher Battery A
Jim Florek Troop A
William Fohey Troop B
Lewis Francis Company A Taps
Wayne Francisco Company C Taps
William Francisco Battery C
Stephen Fry Company D Taps
Mitch Fry Battery B
Pete Fuqua Company C

Joe Galloway Battery C Missing
Michael Gambel Troop B
Greg Gazda Battery A 5th
David Gerber Battery B Taps
Ben Goff Battery A 5th Taps
Jay Golightly Battery C
Walter Gollnick Battery C Taps
Bud Goodheart Troop B Taps
Robert Gordon Troop A Taps
Dave Gotshall Company D
Robert Gunther Company D Taps
Charles Guy Company C Missing

Thomas Hall Battery A
Bill Hall Troop B
Tom Hamlin Battery C
Michael Hannigan Company B
Patrick Harrison Company A
Arlan Hartman Battery C
Bruce Hauser Company D 5th Taps
Bob Hisrich Band
Rowan Hollitz Troop A
Ronald Holm Troop A Missing
John Holmes Company C Taps
Mike Hood Company D
Fritz Horton Battery B
Bart Hotchkiss Company C
Charles Hunter Company D Taps
Lloyd Huth Company D 5th

Rudolph Jarabak Company B Taps
Frank Johns Company A
Ira Jones Company B
David Joyce Troop A 5th Missing
John Jurgensen Battery C

Scot Kagan Company D
Andy Karras Company A
Phil Kaufman Troop A 5th Taps
Craig Kennedy Company D
Mike Koether Troop A

Doug Laipple Band
Brad Laycock Troop B
James Lewis Company A
Jim Lindsay Battery A
AC Lineberger Troop B
James Love Company A Taps

Malcolm MacQuillan Company C Taps
Charles Maky Battery B Taps
Andy Malcolm Band
Dennis Marchman Battery B
Jerry Marsh Battery C Taps
George McKinley Band
Mike McKinstry Company B 5th
Robert McNeeley Battery A
Paul Merry Band
Roger Miller Company B
Herbie Moncrief Battery C Taps
Hugh Montgomery Company C
Arthur Moore Band
Michael Morris Company B Taps
Stephen Mulvihill Company A Taps
Rene Murai Company B

Wrenn Nelson Battery A
Doug Neumann Company C
Tom Norris Battery B

BG O'Reilly Battery B 5th Taps
Marty Oberman Company B
Bob Osborn Company A 5th
William Owen Company C Taps
Jay Owen Battery A 5th

Jim Pickrell Battery B

Jonathan Raclin Battery C
James Riley Company D Taps
Joseph Riley Company D
George Roberts Battery C
Clif Robertson Battery C Taps
Ed Roessler Battery C
Raymond Ruberg Band
James Runnion Company D
Mike Ryan Troop B

Pete Salvador Battery B
Tony Sandoe Company B
Lee Schlesinger Troop B
Steven Schlosser Company C Taps
Joe Schluchter Company B
Robert Schneider Battery A
Stuart Schram Company D
Victor Schramm Company D Taps
Bill Schuemann Company A
Bill Schumacher Battery C
Rick Schwanke Company D Taps
John Sehnert Company B Taps
Dave Shafer Company C Taps
Bob Sindelar Troop A
Rodger Skinner Company C Taps
Stephen Smith Company C Missing
Glenn Smith Company C
J.D. Smith Company C
Reid Spencer Company B Missing
Barry Spitz Company A
Dodd Stacy Battery A
James Staebler Company C
William Steele Battery B Missing
Richard Stevenson Battery B
Dee Stinson (Gleason) Taps
Dick Studier Company C 5th Taps
John Crofoot Sullivan Company C 5th
Kean Swank Company A

Paul Talmey Battery A
George Taylor Band
Eric Thomsen Troop B 5th Taps
Dick Trimble Battery A
Dustin Trowbridge Battery C Taps
Sandy Turnbull Troop A

Paul Van't Hof Company A
Dan Vance Company B Taps
Carlos Veraza Troop A
Dave Vickery Troop B Taps
Jorge Villarreal Troop A Missing

Rocky Wayburn Troop B
Albert Werder Company A Taps
Tom Westbrook Company B
Stephen Wetherby Troop B Missing
Pac Wildman n/k/a Austin Company C Taps
Penn Williamson Troop A
Mark Wilson Troop B Taps
Michael Wise Company D
Jim Wofford Troop B
Robert Wood Company B
Phil Wright Troop B
Dick Wyckoff Company C Taps

David Yntema Band

Kermit Zieg Troop B

Class '62 Stats 
Graduated 191 100%
Deceased 55 28.8%
AWOL (Missing Address) 11 5.8%
Net Active Alumni 126 66.0%
Will Attend Reunion 0 0.0%
Began in 5th Class 17 8.9%
Coeds 1 0.5%
Email Addresses 122 96.8%
Updated Profiles 85 44.5%
Updated Photo 67 53.2%
Alumni Logins 111 88.1%

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