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Class of 1958 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
C.C. Adams Troop A    
Walker Allen Company D    
Carl Allison Battery B
Gerald Archer Battery B Taps
Neil Augenstein Troop B 5th Taps

John Babcock Battery A Taps    
Edgar Baldridge Company A Taps
Charles (Dave) Bender Battery B Taps    
Bob Book Company D Taps    
Gavin Borden Battery B Taps
John Boudler Troop B Taps
Richard Bourgerie Battery B
Arnold Boyles Band
John Brown Company C Taps
Rhett W. Butler Battery B Taps

Willard Campbell Company B
Robert Cannard Band Taps
Ricardo Castillo Troop A Taps
Stephen Civanich Battery A    
Bob Clyne Troop A    
Charles Combs Company D
Gordon Crouse Company D Taps
Sterling Cruger Band    
Bertram Culver Troop A    

James DeNaut Battery A
Ralph DeYoung Troop A    
Timothy N. Doyle Band Taps
Michael Drake Company B
David Duncan Band Taps
James Dunlap Battery A 5th
Sam Dureas Company C

Larned Eastmond Battery B 5th Taps
Larry Edmonson Band
Jeff Edmunds Company A
Robert Eisaman Company B Taps
William Evans Battery B Taps

Stanley Farrington Troop B    
Charles Fleck Troop A    
Phil Florence Troop B    
Ramon Flores-Esteves Battery B
Paul Fortier Company C    

Larry Gibson Battery A    
John Ginaven Battery B
Robert Gleason Company D 5th Taps
Feliz Gonzalez Company A Missing
Sam Grayson Company B    
Lee Gregory Troop B
Richard Gunn Company C Taps    

Thomas Hageman Troop B Taps
Jon Hale (Jonathan T. Hale) Band
Ernest Hardee Troop B 5th Taps
Daniel Harris Company C Taps
Raymond Haskins Company B    
Wade Hawley Company D
Scott Hayden Troop B Taps    
Michael Hazzard Company B Missing
Larry Heinl Battery A    
Arturo Herrera Company C
Will Hodgkin Battery A 5th    
John Roger Hoffman Band Taps
Andrew Holman Company A    
Jack Howison Company A    
Byron Humphrey Company C 5th Taps
John Hyland Company D    

Joe Inabnett Company A    

Victor Jurado Troop A Taps

Edward S. Kapustka - "Ed" Troop A    
Mike Kennedy Troop B    
Benjamin Kilgore Company A    
Maury Knowlton Company C Taps    
William Koch Troop A    
Dick Kriner Battery A 5th    
Glenn Kumnick Troop A

Bruce Lassman Troop A    
Bert Laurence Battery A    
William H. "Bill" Lee II Battery B 5th    
William Lemley Company C    
Bertram Leopold Company A Taps
Lee Levy Battery B
Warren Lewis Band
Robert Lindgren Troop A Taps
Warren Lott Troop B
Ralph Luken Battery A

James Malone Troop B Taps
Richard Mapes Company D Taps
Henry McCleary Troop A    
Jim McCormack Company B    
Michael McDonnell Troop B Taps
Henry McFarland Company B
Forest McKown Company D
Michael McMahon Company B Taps
Michael McMillen Troop B 5th    
Carlos Mendia Company C
Bill Mennen Company D
Charles Meschter Battery B    
Rafy (Rafael) Miranda Troop A 5th    
John Mitchell Company C Taps
Richard Moore Company C Taps
Bob Morrison Company A    
Clayton Myers Band 5th    

Ernest Neighbor Company B    
Tryon Noble Company B

Clark O'Shaughnessy Company B Taps
John Oehlschlaeger Company D    

Donald Parsons Band
John Pavlis Company B 5th
Terrence Peabody Company A
Pete Pelton Battery B Taps    
Leopoldo "Polo" Peralta Troop A    
Jose Perez Company A Missing
John S. Pfarr Company C    
David Piper Company D Missing

Juan Raynal Troop A    
Henry 'Hank' L. Rietz Troop B 5th    
Peter Robbins Troop B Taps    
Robert Rose Company B Taps
Charles Roth Band
Frederick Rydberg Battery A 5th Taps    

David Schele Troop B Taps    
Ronald Schloemer Battery B    
Peter Schniewind Battery A
Jack (John) Schropp Company D Taps    
Eugenio Silva Troop B 5th
Kenneth Smith Company C    
Bill Smith Company A
George Snider Company C
Peter Sotos Troop A
Adrian Spicer 'Spice' Band Taps
Benjamin Stevens Band
Frederick Stifel Battery B    
Edward Strohbehn Battery B    
William Swain Company A    
Bradley Sweeny Company D

John Tanner Company A    
Timothy Tantau Battery A Taps
Richard (Dick) Terrell Company C    
William Thornton Company A Taps    
Glen Timmons Battery A Taps    

James Vernor Troop B Taps    

George Weaks Battery A    
Roland Wemmer Company C Taps
Allan Werst Company B
Samuel Whitehead Company A Taps
David Wilds Company D    
Robert Williams Troop A 5th    
Charles Wilson Company A Taps
Frank Wilson Troop B Taps
Robert Wilson Troop B Taps
Ethan Winning Company B 5th
Chris Wood Company B
James Woodburn Battery A Taps

Anthony (Tony) Zaleski Battery A 5th    
Tevis Zillman Band

Class '58 Stats 
Graduated 146 100%
Deceased 54 37.0%
AWOL (Missing Address) 4 2.7%
Net Active Alumni 95 65.1%
Will Attend Reunion 53 70.5%
Began in 5th Class 19 13.0%
Coeds 0 0.0%
Email Addresses 97 102.1%
Updated Profiles 118 80.8%
Updated Photo 96 101.1%
Alumni Logins 92 96.8%

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