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Class of 1973 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
Jeffrey Adams Battery B Missing
Mary Anderson Girls North Lodge
John Arford Company B    
Laurie Asher (Winski) Girls West Lodge Taps
Sam Austin Troop A

Jonathan Baird Troop B
Tracey Baker Girls North Lodge Taps
Jane Bechtel (Barnhill) Girls West Lodge    
Bruce Bennett Company A    
Roy Benson Company A    
Bill Bird Battery C    
Mike Bradley Battery A    
Darrell Breckman Company C Taps
Rick Breffeilh Troop A
Camilla Scooter Britton Girls North Lodge
Carolyn Brotzman (Rubush) Girls North Lodge
Shelby Brown Girls Indian Trial Taps
Gary Burns Company A Missing
Kurt Burrell Company D Missing

Jim Camp Company C 5th
Starr Carter Troop B Taps
John Carvey Band
John Chalmers Band
Hennon Chambers Troop A
William Charlebois Company B
Anne Chastain (Pare) Girls North Lodge
Kip Cheseldine Company C
Clifford Church Company B Taps
Cullen Clark Battery B
Fred Clarke Troop B
Jeff Cohan Battery C
Lawrence Cohen Company A 5th
Seth Cohen Company A
John Connell Company A
James Connor Troop B
Pam Couch Girls North Lodge
David Courtney Company A
Tim Crimmins Battery A    

Tex Daniel Troop A    
John Dearmin Troop B    
Dave Dibbell Battery C    
Stacy Dibbell (Kohlhagen)    
Alejandro Diez Troop A Missing
Russell Dimmick Band
Joseph Dries Company C 5th

Jane Eberly (Doehrman) Girls North Lodge
Robert N. Eckert Battery A    
Richard Edwards Band
Mark Eimer Troop B Taps
Hernan Elizundia Company C
Bill Elmer Company C
Craig Essex Troop A
Barney Evans Battery A

Joe Faulkner Battery C 5th    
Steven Firestone Battery C    
Sean Fitzpatrick Company B Missing
Malcolm Fleet Company A
Jim Flynn Battery C Taps
John Flynn Battery B
John Fugedy Battery C

Bob Gage Battery A
Bill Geppert Troop B
Gwen Geralds Girls West Lodge
Rebecca Gerendasy (Potter) Girls West Lodge
Peter Giammanco Troop B Missing
Nelson Gibson Troop B
Cynthia Gill (Whitehurst) Girls West Lodge
Andrew Gjelsteen Company C Missing
Alan Glombicki Band    
Phil Graham Troop B    
Cherie Grivna (Goodfellow) Girls West Lodge

Bob Hallas Company B
Jeff Hamilton Band    
Phil Harber Battery C    
Bruno Hegner Company C
Jim Hencye Band Taps
Doug Hendron Battery A
Roberto Herrera Troop A
Tom Hodgkin Band    
Bernard Hoffman Company C
Eric Holland Company C Taps
Rod Howard Company B Taps
Joseph Hudson Company C Taps
Mike Hughes Band
Paul Hughes Band
Chris Hundt Company C    

Jack Irvine Band

David Janssen Company A Missing
Richard Jaqua Company C
Arne Jensen Company A Missing
Ted Jereb Company B Missing
Scott Jones Band Missing

Carol Rose Kahn (Kahn) Girls Indian Trial    
Jim Kelly Battery A
Larry Kelso Troop B
Ronald Kennedy Company B Missing
Tom Kessler Troop B
Franklin Kilmer Company A Missing
Glenn Kinsey Troop A
Jeff Kirn Company B    
Barbara Klatt (Newill) Girls West Lodge    
Emil Klatt Troop B 5th    
Ben Krueger Troop B

Steven Lalich Company A
Ned Lanman Company A Missing
Mary Jo Lemler Girls North Lodge
Howard Leventhal Troop B
Arturo Levin Morgenstern Troop A Missing
Bart Likens Troop B Missing
Lisa Liles (Baker)    
Owen Lippert Company C
Frank J. LoCastro Battery B    
Carolyn S. Lockridge (Neal) Girls North Lodge
Rafael Lorie Troop A    

Mike Maloney Company A Taps
Steve Marks Band    
Chet Marshall Battery C    
John William Martin Company B    
Nancy McKay Girls West Lodge
James McMillan Company A Missing
Mark Meares Company B
John Michel Company B
Debbie Mitchell (Fiederlein) Girls West Lodge
Mike Mitchell Company B Taps
Franklin Monroe Band
Phillip Moore Battery B    
Barbara Morton (Stevens) Girls West Lodge
Charles Mountfort Band
Jack Murray Band    

Gene Needles Company A
Carol Nelson (Lineback) Girls West Lodge
Jose Nevares Troop A Missing
Dan Newell Troop A    
Carl Nielsen Battery A Missing
Mark Nielson Band
Richard Nierenberg Company A

Tom Oesterle Battery C
Robert Oswald Company A 5th

Susan Paine
John Parlove Company B
Joseph Patterson Battery C
John Patton Troop B Missing
Marilyn Peacock Girls North Lodge    
Anthony Perisi Troop A Missing
Steve Perlman Battery A    
Alan Perry Band
Lesley Petrich Girls West Lodge
Ed Petrus Troop B    
Chip Pogue Battery B Taps
Lang Price Troop A
Richard Puskar Company A

Sarah Ramsay (Elliott) Girls Indian Trail
Thomson Randall Company A
Fred Rawlins Battery B
Phyllis Reid (Reid) Girls West Lodge Taps
Steve Reinhart Band
Mike Rennekamp Battery A
James Rice Battery A    
Mark Rippy Company A 5th
Cindy Rippy (McAnary) Unknown Missing
Alonso Rosas Troop A
John F. Ross Band    
Steve Rubens Troop B 5th    

Antonio Salerno Company A
Lester Sandoe Troop A Missing
Hank Schafer Troop A    
Mike Schornstein Troop A    
George Schultz Troop A
Clark Shepard Company A
David Ross Sherwin Troop B Taps
Donald Simms Troop A Missing
John Snedden Battery A    
Douglas Snook Battery A Missing
Chip Somerville Company B Taps
Gregg Sommer Battery A
Zelda Southwick (Walls) Girls West Lodge Taps
Jim Stants Company C    
Rick Stillwagon Company C Taps
Clyde Story Battery B    
Laura Swezey (Hibbard) Girls Indian Trail
Diane Szczesniak Girls West Lodge
Jim Szymusiak Company B    

Leigh Taliaferro Troop B
Skeet Taylor Battery C
Jay Thompson Battery A Missing
John Thurston Company B Missing
Liz Titus (Polance) Girls West Lodge
Tim Tolson Troop A
Bill Toth Band
Kenneth Traylor Company D
Phil Trumbull Battery B
Toby Tumpson Company B    
George Tyring Company A Taps
Steve Tyson Company C Missing

Carol Upadhya (Boyack) Girls Indian Trail

David Wagener Company A Missing
Bob Weedon Troop A    
Barry Wesley Band
Eric White Company C
Miles White Company A 5th    
Allen Whitley Troop A Missing
Marc Williams Company B 5th    
Syl Williams Girls Indian Trail
Dave Wills Battery B
Edwin Woodall Troop B Taps

Taylor Yewell Company B

Carlos Zaldivar Company C Missing
Joe Ziluca Troop A

Class '73 Stats 
Graduated 167 100%
Deceased 22 13.2%
AWOL (Missing Address) 12 7.2%
Net Active Alumni 155 92.8%
Will Attend Reunion 49 31.6%
Began in 5th Class 10 6.0%
Coeds 35 21.0%
Email Addresses 115 74.2%
Updated Profiles 46 27.5%
Updated Photo 62 40.0%
Alumni Logins 106 68.4%

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