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Class of 1963 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
Jay Ambrosini Band    
Bob Armstrong Battery A 5th    
Alvaro Atencio Troop B    
Mike Atkinson Band    
Jim Augustine Company A

Philip Bachman Battery C 5th
William Michael Baker Band Taps
Jim Barker Company A    
John Bartlett Battery A    
Joe Baxter Company D    
Robert Beck Troop B
Bud Blount Company A    
Stan Bloyer Company D Taps
Buddy Bolton Troop B
Tom Bosshard Company B
Mark Bragg Company C    
Tony Bult Battery C
Michael Bussard Company C Missing
Bill Byerts Company A

Chris Canlis Troop B
Lance Cannard Battery B Taps
Chris Carson Battery A
David Carter Battery B
Thomas Carter Troop A Taps
John Casey Troop A
John Chiappetta Troop A    
James Christy Troop B Missing
Tomur Cikigil Company D Missing
Bill Cohagan Troop A    
Cecil Combs Battery C Missing
Nathan Cope Battery A
Kathryn Craddock (Teach) Coed    
Jim Craig Band
Chuck Crawford Battery C Missing
William Croft Band    
Mike Crosswell Battery A    

David Dabney Company A    
Ron Daley Company D 5th
Ted Demosthenes Battery B    
Arthur DePrez Battery B    
Juan Diaz Troop A
Bob Doernberg Battery C    

Dick Eaton Company A
Thomas Edwards Company A
Steve Ernst Company C    
Allan Estey Battery B Taps

Mike Fisher Troop A
Dave Frasz Company A    

William Galsterer Company C
Beardsley Gammel Battery A Taps
Larry Garrison Band
Klaus Gebhardt Band 5th
Stan Gerson Company B
James Gilliam Company C Missing
Michael Glazer Company A Missing
Tracy Gordon Company C
Julian Gorski Battery B 5th    
John Green Battery B 5th
John Gregory Company B 5th Taps
James Grinney Battery C    

Mike Haas Band
Richard Hadler Company B
David Hamilton Company B Taps
Richard Hanes Troop B
Vern Hanft Company C
Bill Hartman Troop B    
David Hayward Battery C
Richard Herfurth Band 5th
Bob Hickam Battery B    
Robert Hightower Company B
Robert Hitzemann Battery C
Philip Hofherr Company D
Bruce Holicky Company D
Phil Huber Company B
Alan Hutson Company B Missing    

Douglas Jackson Battery B
Raymond Jenkins Battery C 5th    
Craig Jennings Company D    
Tom Johnson Troop A
Doug Jones Battery B 5th    

Bruce L. Kessler Band
Carl Kinne Troop B Missing
Thomas A. Kolp Company D    
Ladd Kopp Band 5th

Thomas La Maida Troop B
Mike Laird Company D Taps
John Lambrecht Company B Taps
William Lane Troop B
John Laycock Troop A
William Lee Company B
William Leonard Company C Taps
Donald Levinson Battery B 5th
Craig Lindblad Battery A
Chip Lindt Company D
Tom Link Band
Revere Little Company A Taps
Tom Lloyd Company A
Burr Logeman Battery B
Chuck Longfield Battery C    
Bob Luken Battery B    
Robert Lytle Troop A

John Macomber Company D Missing
Walter Maessen Company C Taps
Christopher Manion Troop B    
Javier Manrique Troop B
J. Joseph (Joe) Mapes Company B    
Robert Maytag Band Taps
David McArthur Troop A
David McCormack Battery A Taps
Tutt McCracken Company B Missing    
Michael McCullough Battery B
Ray McCune Battery C
Jim McEnteer Band
Steve McIntyre Battery A 5th    
Ted Metsker Company D    
Skip Miller Company B Taps
Ted Moen Troop B

Gary Neptune Battery C
Bucky Nesson Troop A 5th

Greg O'Shaughnessy Company B Taps
Dean Olson Battery C
Richard Ossanna Troop B Taps
Richard Owen Company C
Paul Owens Band

Gene Palmer Band    
Morgan Paull - Deceased 7.17.12 Battery A Taps
Bruff Peck Company B
Larry Perry Company A 5th Missing
Jack Piazza Company D
Steven Pierce Company B 5th
Enrique Pino Troop A
Robert Ploehn Company C

Tom Ragan Company A
Douglas Reinhold Taps
Tim Rhodes Company B    
Rick Richardson Company A    
David Rimer Company C 5th Missing
George Robertson Company D
Scott Rogers Company B
Bill Roth Company B    
Seth Rubin Company C
Herb Russell Company A
David Rynders Company B    

Michael Sastre Company C
John R. Scales Band    
Brad Schooley Battery C    
Barney Schotters Battery A    
Vincent Schumacher Battery C
Louis Schwitzer Battery A
Jim Scoutten Battery A
Gene Siskel Battery A 5th Taps
Mike Smith Company B 5th Missing
Bill Smith Company C 5th Taps
Chris Snyder Company C
Lawrence Sommer Company A Missing
Donald Spear Battery C
Jim Spencer Battery A
Caroline Stephenson Coed
Robert Stiffel Troop A
Ronald Sund Company C Taps
Dick Swennumson Company D    

Ed Taber Troop B    
Homer Taft Band
John Teeter Company A
John Terrell Company B 5th
Edward Terrill Company B
Tim Thomas Band Taps
Jo Trickovic (Hughes) Coed    

Octavio Valdes Company C Missing
Roy Van Dusen Band Taps
Tom Van Zandt Company B
Harvey Vereen Battery B

Garfield Wagner Troop A Taps
Skip Ward Battery C    
Chuck Warner Company C Taps
Chuck Weed Company A
Rom Welborn Company D    
Chip Werstein Company C
JD Williamson II Company D    

Harry Yaeger Company A
Gordon Yntema Company A Taps

John Zanetis Company D
Timothy Zerafa Battery B Taps

Class '63 Stats 
Graduated 171 100%
Deceased 29 17.0%
AWOL (Missing Address) 15 8.8%
Net Active Alumni 138 80.7%
Will Attend Reunion 50 36.2%
Began in 5th Class 21 12.3%
Coeds 3 1.8%
Email Addresses 107 77.5%
Updated Profiles 86 50.3%
Updated Photo 17 12.3%
Alumni Logins 69 50.0%

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