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Class of 1960 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion50th Reunion Attendence
John Adamson Company D Taps
George Agas Company A 5th Taps
Bob Altman Battery A    
Warren Ansbaugh Company D 5th Taps
Richard Ashby Company B    
Holt Atherton Battery C Taps    

Jon Ballard Battery B    
John Barker Troop B Missing
Harry Barron Battery B Taps
Edward Bauer Band Taps    
Robert Benson Battery B    
Irving Bergman Troop B Taps
Juan Bilbao Battery A
Richard Blair Company D Taps
Dan Brown Company B 5th Missing
Mark Brown Battery B Missing
Frank Bryant Company D Taps
Jim Buresh Company D 5th Taps    
Luman Burr Battery B
William Bushnell Band Taps    
Floyd Buswell Company A Missing

Burr Cain Company C Taps    
James Campe Company C Taps
John Carabello Troop B Taps
Dave Carpenter Company B
Philip Causey Battery C 5th Taps
Julian Chestnut Company C    
Walter Cheyne Company C Taps
James Chittim Troop A Taps
Stephen Clark Company D    
Charles Clarke Company D    
Phillip Clohset Company B
Darryl Cosek Company C
Judy Council (Gollnick) Coed    
Orville Cox Troop B Missing
James Crosland Company C
Dick Culbertson Company C Taps    
James Curd Company A Taps

Tom Douglass Troop A 5th    
Bill Dunlop Company D

Richard Ely Company A

Eric Fairchild Battery A
Larry Fraenkel Company D
Robert A. Funk, P.E., CET (Bob) Band    

Bill Gardner Troop B    
David Garner Company A
Mace Gazda Battery C 5th Taps
Jay Gehrlein Troop B 5th
David Gillaspie Troop B Taps    
Robert Glaze Band Taps    
James Godshall Battery A    
Al Goodrich Band    
Robert Goodwin Battery A    
Wallace Dunbar "Bill" Gram Company D    
Gerry Gram (Graham) Coed    
David Greene Company A    

Raymond Hafsten Company C
Michael Handren Company C 5th Taps
Leslie Hansen Company B Taps    
Anson Hard Company C Missing
Jim Harding Company B    
Thomas Hayes Company C Taps
Robert Herzberg Troop B
Peter Hicks Battery B
Loyd Holifield Company B Taps
Timothy Hollingsworth Troop B Taps
Richard Holm Troop B
Neel Howard Battery B Missing
Dwight Hudson Troop B Taps

Thomas Jackson Company B    
Harold Jaquet Company C Taps
Pete Johnson Company B 5th    
Frederick Jungclaus Battery A    

Warren Kaufman Company D
Frederick Keller Troop B    
Michael Kelly Battery B
Norman Kempler Battery A    
Walter Kime Company C    
Robert Kinkema Battery C Missing
Harry Koch Battery B Taps
Donald Kohla Company D
Cathryn Yendes (Covington) Coed    
Daniel Kruidenier Company A Taps

Fred Lagerquist Company C Taps
Edward Laine Company B
David Lamb Troop B
John Lemon Troop B
Peter Lewis Troop A    
Robert Lowe Company C Taps
George Lyford Company B    
Duke Lyon Battery B

Daniel Manion Troop A    
Jack Manning Company D Taps
Gustavo Manrique Troop A Missing
Dave Martinson Battery B 5th
Jimmy Mason Troop A
John Mathay Battery C Missing
Ann Maull Coed Taps
Charles Maull Battery B    
Howard Mayne Band Taps    
Steve McConnell Company B
Andy McCorkle Band    
Robert McCrummen Company A Taps
Tim McFlynn Company A    
Thomas McKitterick Company D
William McLallen Company A 5th
Pat McMahon Company D    
Chuck Mervine Band Taps    
Carlos Meyer Company C Missing
John Michaels Company A
Roger Mills Company C    
Richard Moncrief Battery B
Federico Moreno Troop B
Tom Mortell Company C    
Andres Murai Company D

James Neece Battery A
Mary Neidigh (Curry) Coed    
Erick Nelson Troop B 5th Taps
Guillermo Nevarez Company A Missing
Don Nixon Band    
Tom Norman Company C    

Mike Oberman Company B    

Christina Paniagua (Hughes) Coed Taps
Chuck Parker Band    
Michael Parriott Band Taps
Reginald Parsons Company C
Calvin Peck Band    
Maurice Perlstein Jr Battery C    
John Prucha Company A
James Pylkas Battery A    

George Rabasa Company A
Maynard Raggio Company B    
James Randel Company B Taps
Rammy Rasmussen Battery C    
John Raymond Troop B    
Sanford Reece Company B
Donald Reed Band Taps
Ed Reese Company A    
Timothy Reilly Company C
Donald Richter Band    
Chuck Rietz Troop A
Bruce Riggs Battery B
James Rogers Battery A
Peter Roos Company C
Robert Rossow Band    
John Russell Company D    

Bill Sable Troop A    
Dick "Sam" Sampson Battery A    
John Schoo Company D    
Bill Sconce Battery A Taps
Robert Scott Troop A
Lawrence Scruggs Band 5th Taps
James Sharp Company A
John Shoemaker Company D Taps
Bob Simons Troop B 5th
John Singer Battery C Missing
Alfred Smith Company B 5th    
Richard "Dick" Snell Battery A    
Stephen Sontheimer Troop B    
David Stapleton Band Taps
Jack Steele Battery B
Paul Stevens Troop B Missing
Larry Stolberg Company A
Tom Sullivan Company C    
Joseph Sutton Troop A 5th Taps
James Swango Company B Taps

John Tausig Band Taps
Henry Thomas Band
Murphy Thomas Battery C    
David Thomason Battery C Taps

Ralph Van Duzee Troop A    
Forrest Van Schwartz Company A    
Charles D. van Tuyl Band    

William (Bill) Walaitis Company D    
John Walden Troop B
William Ward Troop B
Henry Weaks Battery B    
Bernard "Bud" Wellmon Troop B    
Robert White Battery A Taps
Terry Whitley Company D 5th    
Reed Whittle Troop A Taps
Samuel Wilhite Company A Taps
Edward Wohlsen Battery B
Bill Woodward Battery C    

Tom Yendes Battery C    

Class '60 Stats 
Graduated 183 100%
Deceased 54 29.5%
AWOL (Missing Address) 14 7.7%
Net Active Alumni 117 63.9%
Will Attend Reunion 66 65.8%
Began in 5th Class 18 9.8%
Coeds 5 2.7%
Email Addresses 107 91.5%
Updated Profiles 141 77.0%
Updated Photo 95 81.2%
Alumni Logins 92 78.6%

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