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Class of 1957 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion45th Reunion Attendence
John Ardussi Troop B Taps

John Ball Band
Scott Banninga Company A
Ralph Bard Company D Taps    
Tom Barret Company C Taps
Glenn Bastian Battery A Taps
William Bates Company C Taps
Jim Baum Band
Carter Bays Battery B
Jack Bernhardt Battery B
Jon A. Bird Battery A
Juan Boscio Troop B Taps
Bob Boudreau Battery B
Frank Braden Company A Taps
Frank Brewes Battery B
Donald Brown Company C Taps
James-Paul "Jim" Brown Company A
Neil "Tony" Brown Company A
George G. Bryan Company C
Nicholas Bucur Company A Taps
Charles Buell Battery B
Stewart Bunn Battery B

Jose' Ignacio Calderon Company B
Manuel Calderon Troop A
Phillip Calevas Company C Taps
Gus Callender Company B    
Dave Charlton Company B    
Terry Cleaves Company C
Robert Clements Troop B
George Clevenger Company D Taps
Jack Cochrane Troop B Taps
Newt Coolley Company C Taps
Tom Cozzoli Band 5th    
Kenneth Csernai Battery B 5th
Rod Currie Battery A 5th Taps
Carlos Cuttler Company B

Bill Davis Company B
James DeFord Company B
Peter Denny Company C
Weber deVore, Jr Battery B    
Bob Dickens Battery A
Denis Drysdale Troop B    
JT Dykman Battery A Taps

Stephen (Steve) Ellis Company A

Earl Fairbanks Troop B
Peter Fasseas Battery A    
Patrick Fleming Company D Taps
Ted Florence Company B Taps
William Folckemer Company A    
Paul Fouts Company D Taps

Douglas Gaidry Battery B
Julius Gamm Company A
Eduardo Garcia Company A 5th
Joseph Gavagan Battery A
Richard Gessler Troop A
Lanny Gibson Battery B Taps
Robert Ginaven Battery A
Tom Glover Company B
Santiago Gonzalez Company D
Lee Goulet Battery B    
Walter Griffith Battery A Taps

Bob Haenggi Battery A Taps
Edward Haley Battery B 5th
Fred Handren Battery B
Barry L. Harris Company D
Michael Hatch Band Taps
Robert Hawk Band Taps
Charles Hawkins Troop A Taps
George Heninger Company C Taps
David A. Hill Company C Taps
Bill Hisrich Band
John Hopkins Band Taps
Carl Horneman Company B Taps
John Houlsby Company B Taps

Tom Ireland Company A Taps

John Jakle Company A
Edward Jern Troop B Taps

Fritz Keeler Battery B    
Phillip Klein Company A    
John Klump Battery A Taps
Dick Kretchmar Battery B Taps
Roy Kumnick Company A Taps    

Mark Lamey Troop A 5th
Joe Long Band Taps
Brewster "Bump" Loud Company D 5th Taps
"Scrap" Lundy Company A
Al Lynch Battery B Taps

James MacKenna Battery A 5th Taps
Clark MacKinnon Company D 5th Taps
Marcos Maldonado Troop B
Claudio Martinez Company C Taps
Bob May Company A    
Jim McConnell Band
Thomas McGinty Troop A
Peter McNaughton Battery B Taps
Lawrence Mengel Company C Taps
Bob Mervine Band
Charles Michael Battery B Taps
Hart Miller Company A
Bob Moore Battery B    
Ted Moreland Battery A 5th
Jim Morgan Company D
Bill Mueller Battery A 5th Taps
Roger Murphy Troop A Taps
John Murray Company B    
Ron Myers Band

George Naanes V Class 5th
Alvin Neal Company B 5th    
Lewis "Pete" Nettrour Troop A
Jerome Ney Company D    

Patrick O'Malley Battery A 5th Taps    
Mario M Oronoz Battery B

Laurence Parker Battery A
Pete Parsons Band Taps
Jose Passarelli Company C Missing
Jack Paxton Company A Taps
Charles Pettyjohn Battery B Taps
Bruce Pettyjohn Battery A Taps
Charles E. "Pip" Pippenger Company A Taps
John Pluto Band Taps
David Prewitt Battery B    

Hank Ringling Company A Taps
Abel Rios Battery B 5th Missing
Jim Robinson Company B    
John Robinson Band Taps
George Romney Battery A 5th
John Rubush Company D
Albert Runser Company C Taps
James Russell Battery A

Ricardo Sarabasa Troop B Taps
Karl Schmid Company D Taps
Robert Schwin Band Taps
Bill Shaw Company D
James Shircliff Company D Taps
Horace Sibley Troop B
Sonny Sitton Company B
George Skow Troop A Taps
Jay Sonneborn Troop A Taps
Robert Stanberry Company C    
Paul Steinle Band
Larry Strait Band
Richard Strean Company D Taps

Wallace Tallant Battery A Taps
Chuck Thompson Battery B
Frederick Thomson Band Taps
Bret Triplett Troop A
Bruce Triplett Company B
George Tully Company B
Bob Tyrrell Company A

Eduardo Umana Troop B

Emilio Villacorta Company D

David Walden Battery A 5th Taps
Fred Wallace Battery A
Richard Walsh Battery A    
Howard Waugh Band
Walter Weil Battery B
Spike Werner Company D
George Westerman Company D
Richard Weyand Troop B Taps
Bill White Company B
John Whitehead Company B
Dave Williams Company B
Fred Willkie Company C
William Woodward Battery B Taps

Frank Young Battery B    

Class '57 Stats 
Graduated 164 100%
Deceased 67 40.9%
AWOL (Missing Address) 2 1.2%
Net Active Alumni 96 58.5%
Will Attend Reunion 20 24.0%
Began in 5th Class 17 10.4%
Coeds 0 0.0%
Email Addresses 113 117.7%
Updated Profiles 161 98.2%
Updated Photo 111 115.6%
Alumni Logins 82 85.4%

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