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Class of 1952 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion60th Reunion Attendence
Donato Alarcon-Segovia Company A Taps
Jim Andrew Troop B Taps
Joe Ansick Troop B
Jaime Arias Calderon Troop A

Dick Babb Band
Irl Baker Company A Taps
Don Baldwin Company C
Bill Barkby Company C
Rudy Becker Troop B Taps
Murray Bell Company C
Ken Bergeron Band
George Betts Company C
Bruce Blythe Company D Taps
Frank Bonfiglio Company C Taps
Art Bowman Company A Taps
Maury Brassert Company D
Jim Brazell Company B
Bob Bretscher Troop A
Ed Brodnax Troop A Missing
Gib Brown Band
Jim Burt Battery A

Glenn Campbell Troop B Taps
Bill Cavender Company D Taps
Art Chalmers Company A 5th Taps
Jim Clark Battery A
Jim Cochran Battery A
JD Coffman Battery B Taps
Bob Corbett Troop B
Joe Cox Band
Russ Culin Battery A

Arny Decker Company A
Sid Deitch Company A Taps
Pete Demarest Company D Taps
Dick Dempster Battery B 5th Taps
Frank Denton Company D Taps
Ned Derhammer Band
Frank Dyke Band Taps

George Easter Company D
Charlie Erb Company B
Richard B. Evans Company D Taps
Bob Exum Company D

Buz Fawcett Troop B
Dick Ferguson Troop B Taps
Bob Fetner Battery B Taps
Bob Fisher Company A Taps
Sandy Fleet Troop A Taps
Bill Floyd Troop A Taps
Fernando Fores Company A Taps
Gordon Freshman Company C

Dan Gaines Company A
Gordy Gerson Band Taps
Rupe Getzen Company B Taps
Ken Gift Company B Taps
Jack Gill Company B Taps
Eric Gonzalez-Romance Company B Taps
Gary Grahn Company B Taps
Dave Granger Troop B
Dave Greene Company A

Bill Hagenmeyer Troop B
Jack Hake Company C Taps
Art Harris Band Taps
Howard Hatfield Band Taps
Harry Heinl Battery A Taps
Jim Henderson Company C
Ray Hillenbrand Battery A
Ned Hitchcock Company C Taps
Ray Hockstad Battery B
David Holmes Company C Taps

Dan Japhet Battery B Taps
John Johnson Battery A
Claude Johnson Troop A Taps
Dick Johnston Battery B
Dick Jones Troop A
Larry Jopson Troop A Taps

Floyd Karsten Troop A Taps
Murray Keatinge Company C Taps
Bob Kidd Troop B Taps
Karl Koch Battery B
Dave Kyle Company B Taps

Gary Lande Company A
Floyd Lewis Company A
Tom Little Company B
Bill Loughran Company B Taps
Don Lowenstine Company C
Hank Lyden Company D

Don MacAlpine Battery A
Preston Madden Troop B
Doug Marti Company A Taps
Tom McCall Battery B Taps
Jack McDonald Company B
Gus McFaddin Troop B
Harry McGuire Company D
Ken McKean Company D
Joe McMullen Company A
Alvaro Michaelis Battery A
Chuck Montgomery Company A
Skeet Morgan Company B Taps
Ed Mrizek Band
Daniel Myers Company C Taps

Bob Nelson Company C Taps
Bob Nethery Band
Carlos Newbill Company D
George Nickson Company B
Vaughn Nixon Troop A
Jean Nock Battery A

Charlie Parks Battery A Taps
Charlie Pate Company C
Tony Pew Company B Taps
Rick Phillips Company B Taps
John Pohle Company D
Peter Potter Company B
Bill Pryor Battery A

Jose Quinones Company B Taps

W.T. Ray Company C
Josh Reynolds Battery B 5th Taps
Bill Reynolds Company C Taps
Ray Richardson Band
Ed Robertson Battery A Taps
Dave Rohn Troop A
Phil Rossin Company C
Bill Royer Band Taps
Vaughn Ryan Company A Taps

Camilo Saenz Troop A
Joseph Sands Company D Taps
John Saunders Troop B
Bill Schacht Company B Taps
John Schmitz Company D Taps
Ric Schonblom Company A
Dan Schram Troop B
Russ Scott Company A
Trav Selmier Company D
Bill Shultz Company A
Bill Simmons Troop A
Walt Simmons Company C Taps
Doug Sims Troop B
Hank Smith Company C
R.J. Springer Company A Taps
Chuck Stanwyck Troop B
Bill Starbuck Band
John Steel Battery A
George Stevens Troop A
Bill Stiles Troop A
Jim Sugar Troop A
Bill Susen Company D Taps
Jimmie Sutherland Company B Taps
Bob Swearingen Battery B
Bill Sweeney Band
Bob Szesny Company C Taps

Bob Telfer Battery A
Donn Tognazzini Troop B

Domingo Valdes Company A
Enrique Valdes Company C Missing
Bill Vandenberg Company D
Bill Veach Company B
Hawes Vineyard Battery B Taps
Lynn Virden Battery B

David Walden Company C Taps
Ralph Walker Troop B
Ed Walter Battery A Taps
Phil Warner Battery B
Stormy Weathers Band
Gary Welch Troop A
Roger Williams Company D Taps
Bill Willke Company D
Cappy Winkelman Troop B Taps
Ron Witort Troop B
Leigh Witsell Company D
Jack Woodmansee Company C
Bob Woodruff Band Taps
Richard Wright Battery B
Richard Wurzburg Battery B Taps

Dick York Troop A

Ron Zesch Band
Joe Zimmerman Company C
John Zuccaro Band

Class '52 Stats 
Graduated 172 100%
Deceased 72 41.9%
AWOL (Missing Address) 2 1.2%
Net Active Alumni 101 58.7%
Will Attend Reunion 0 0.0%
Began in 5th Class 3 1.7%
Coeds 0 0.0%
Email Addresses 55 54.5%
Updated Profiles 171 99.4%
Updated Photo 135 133.7%
Alumni Logins 45 44.6%

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