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Faculty/Staff, Class of 1958 - Alphabetical

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Hugh M. Ayer History - Instructor

Dr. Milan D. Baker Admin - Academy Surgeon
John W. Bays Admin - Business Manager
James B. Becker History - Wrestling Coach - History Instructor
Myron S. Benner Science - Instructor
Ernest B. Benson Admin - Dean of the Academy
Ruth K. Benson English - Instructor
Gordon W. Berg Mathematics - Co Tennis Coach - Math Instructor
James H. Bishop History - Dept Chairman
Robert Bolton, Jr. Counselor - Counselor, Band - Math Instructor
Charles D. Bromley Mathematics - Instructor
Cecelclere Brown Admin - Registrar
Marshall L. Brown English - Instructor
Elizabeth M. Bryant Staff - Librarian
Frank M. Bryant Admin - Dean of Admissions
Alan M. Bunner Mathematics - Instructor

Burton L. Curry Language - Instructor - French

Roy L. Dalferes Counselor - Counselor, D Company - Instructor, ROTC
H. Herman Davis Language - Instructor
G. R. Decker ROTC - Instructor
Luis E. del Pilar Language - Instructor
Peter J. DeTroy English - Instructor
Charlie Dickerson Staff - Headwaiter, Mess Hall
Alfred J. Donnelly Mathematics - Instructor - Mathemathics

John F. Edgell Counselor - Counselor, B company - English Instructor
Alan R. Elliott Admin - Secy, Culver Ed. Foundation
Melvin A. Estey History - Instructor
William J. Eyerly Counselor - Counselor, Troop A - Math Instructor - Drawing

J. Robert Feeley Horsemanship - Instructor - Jumping Coach
Max L. Fields Mathematics - Instructor
Harvey E. Firari English - Instructor - Vedette Advisor
Louis J. Fontaine English - Instructor
John H. Fritz Horsemanship - Instructor - Polo Coach

Richard W. Gimbel English - Instructor
Walter O. Gollnick Mathematics - Instructor
Edward W. Gregory Admin - Superintendent (deceased)

Robert L. Happ English - Instructor
Hugh H. Harper Science - Instructor - Automotive Mechanics
Travis E. Harris English - Instructor
Bob Hartman History - Instructor, Academy Historian
Wallace H. Helber Science - Instructor
John W. Henderson Admin - Dean of Admissions
Kenneth Hesgard Mathematics - Instructor
Patrick H. Hodgkin English - Instructor
Arthur G. Hughes English - Dept Chairman

Claire Jackson Counselor - Councelor C Co in '56 - Math Instructor
George O. Johnson Science - Dept Chairman
Raymond C. Jurgensen Mathematics - Dept Chairman

Charles E. Kaufman Counselor - Counselor, Battery A - History Instructor
R. C. Knight ROTC - Instructor
James D. Kohn Music/Arts - Instructor

Wallace E. Leland History - Instructor

William J. MacQuillan English - Instructor
John E. Maier Mathematics - Instructor
John R. Mars Counselor - Counselor, Battery B - Language Instructor
Donald M. Marshal Language - Dept Chairman
Chester A. Marshall Jr. English - Teacher, Coach, Director of Athletics
Charles C. Mather Admin - Public Relations
Rex Mawhorter Staff - Postmaster
Charles F. McKinney Admin - Retired Commandant
Charles S. McMinn History - Instructor
Ronald N. Minne Science - Instructor
James V. Miracle Science - Instructor
Kemp E. Moore Counselor - Counselor, A company - Language Instructor
Lewis Kingsley Moore History - Instructor
Herbert M. Munro Admin - Chaplain

Alexander D. Nagy English - Instructor, Councelor
Ervin R. Nelson Coach - Golf

Homer A. Obenauf Mathematics - Instructor - Rifle Coach
Russell D. Oliver Coach - Football, Baseball, Basketball

Albert A. Pare Language - Instructor
Ralph S. Patch Language - Instructor
Edward T. Payson Music/Arts - Dept Chairman
Hopkins S. Peffers Coach - Rifle, Crew, Military Staff
Fred A. Pierce ROTC - Professor of Military Science & Tactics

Horton C. Reed History - Co Tennis Coach - English Instructor
Walter G. Roberts English - Instructor - Past Crew Coach
Verda Romig Admin - Secretary to Commadants
John F. Roos Language - Instructor
Robert Rossow Staff - Mess Hall Steward
Robert Rust Staff - Roll Call Advisor

W. J. Schlosser Language - Instructor
Chaplin Hardigg Sexton Admin - Chaplin
Robert H. Shanks Mathematics - Dept Chairman ret.
Edgar Shaw Staff - Quartermaster
Melville K. Short Science - Instructor
A. Coke Smith Mathematics - Math Instructor, coach Track, x Country
Jack C. Spencer Mathematics - Instructor
Delmar T. Spivey Admin - Superintendent
Edward Stephenson Admin - Commandant
Leonard E. Stevens Language - Instructor
Judd T. Stinchcomb Mathematics - Instructor
Louis J. Stone Horsemanship - Instructor
Walter W. Strait Science - Instructor - Father Class Member
William A. Strow Counselor - Counselor, Troop B - Science Instructor
Donald C. Sutherland Mathematics - Instructor, Boxing Coach

Martin D. Uebel Counselor - Counselor, Battery A - German Language Instructor
Gordon Uyttebrouck Language - Instructor

Frank W. Walaitis Coach - Swimming, Language Instructor - Chairman Athletics Department
Thomas E. Walker English - Instructor - Quill Advisor
Matthew R. Wallis ROTC - Instructor
Roy Watts Staff - Headwaiter, Mess Hall
Elmer G. White Coach - Fencing Coach - English Instructor
Clarence W. Whitney Horsemanship - Director
Warner W. Williams Music/Arts - Instructor
Gordon V. Wise English - Instructor

Charles S. Young Staff - Librarian

Claude E. Zetty Music/Arts - Instructor, Music; Assistant Crew Coach

Faculty '58 Stats 
Total Faculty 108
- Have Photo 97