Login Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulty logging into your Class Website the following tips and hints may be helpful for you.
  • Both the password and user name should not contain any spaces.

  • The username and password can be entered in upper or lower case characters as these access codes are not case sensitive.

  • Note carefully that the characters "l" (lower case 'L'), "1" (the number 'one') appear very similar. Check to ensure that you enter the correct password characters.

  • Be sure and select the Class that you graduated in, or the class that you have been assigned to, if you have been given a guest pass into the website and are not an alumni.

  • If you continue to have a any difficulty with your login, please contact one of your Class Administrators, by using the 'Contact Us' web page for your class.

  • Please, not contact the Culver Alumni Office, as they will just have to contact one of your Class Administrators.

  • NOTE: Culver Connect (at www.Culver.org) login codes are different and can not be used to log into your Class Website on CulverGrads.com.